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Areas of Excellence

The fundRISING team has identified five Areas of Excellence needed to create a highly effective, efficient development program. This program is then implemented by a professional development team, an engaged executive director, and targeted efforts from the board of directors and staff members. The five Areas are:


The Team: who is involved with raising money


Revenue: where is the money coming from and how much


Systems: what tools are used to raise money consistently and efficiently


Relationships: how do you find and keep people who are passionate about your mission 


Communications, External and Internal: how do you talk about your mission and fundraising culture

We map each Area so you can see where you stand from non-functioning to leading. We use both data and discussion with your community to guide our assessment. We work together as one team, so that the end result matches your mission, your culture, and your vision for what's next. 


Based on findings from the assessment, fundRISING will create a two-tier operational plan that maps out immediate and future priorities with an accompanying dashboard for your organization to track success. You also will have access to a comprehensive toolkit for future use and implementation.

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