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How Much Does It Cost?

Fundraising is a profit center, not a cost center, and must be approached accordingly. But we also understand that every nonprofit dollar counts, so we will work with you to propose an engagement around your budget and our expertise. Our goal is to help you raise more money, more efficiently, with more team buy-in.

How Long Does the Process Take?

With a primary team of three and a deep bench of advisors, the fundRISING team works fast. The length of any project depends primarily on your availability and response time. This is not a knock; we understand that nonprofit leaders are consistently pulled in a number of directions and will work with you to determine a realistic time-frame to complete your project. We always build-in grace periods to ensure top-rate, completed deliverables arrive on time and within budget.

Can I engage with fundRISING for just an assessment?

Yes! The fundRISING team will always create scopes that allow you to add on project activities. Or not. Not all teams jive (although we consider ourselves pretty jive-able) and any partner is free to take their assessment and strategic roadmap to use as they see fit. You also will have continued access to your dashboard and the fundRISING toolkit regardless of whether you continue to work with the fundRISING team.


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