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As the saying goes, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” So embedded in everything we do, you will find your fundRISING team working to not just write you a better proposal or migrate your information to a new database. We’ll help you create a spot at your organization’s table for fundraising that will be embraced and valued by board, staff, volunteers, and yourself. We’ll help you change your culture. AND we’ll write you a better proposal, migrate your data too.

Break Down. Build Out. Rise Up!

The fundRISING Core Program: Let's raise the organization to the next level. You’re looking for a development renovation - revitalization. We will map where your development program sits currently. That will inform our work building you a multi-faceted strategy. And then we’ll prioritize the most important first steps and help with implementation. We use a scale-based approach so you can clearly see where you are and where you want to be. 

Transitional Development Director

Need more resources to match your growth? Trouble finding and keeping the right development professional? Or are you facing another short term transitional challenge? We can help. We’ll step in, for a limited period, to maintain your fundraising efforts and help you address some of your development challenges too. Then we will work with you to get the right professional in place.

Targeted Training

Hiring a development team member that's new to fundraising? Need to give the board a fundraising refresher? Want the program team to participate in more fundraising activities? fundRISING provides onboarding to new staff and board members; targeted training to old hands; and fundraising guidance, assistance, and support to the entire organization. We will address specific challenges or provide a general refresh to the entire team.

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