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How We Work

Break Down.

Before we can reorder, we have to address the disorder. The fundRISING team takes a comprehensive look at what is being done to bring in the dollars. We look at who is involved (or not involved) and to what extent. We help you determine how much time you spend on fundraising activities and if your systems and processes are helping or hurting you achieve your goals. The fundRISING methodology is both quantitative and qualitative. We assess your numbers and systems, but also delve into how fundraising is approached (or avoided) by you, your staff, and your board. Every nonprofit embodies a unique set of strengths and challenges. Let us help you use your strengths to overcome the challenges, smoothing out the road ahead.

Build Out.

We now have a handle on what what works well and what needs work. Time to dream big, draft a program that endures - and grows as you grow. It also is time to pivot away from fundraising attitudes that prevent you from succeeding. The team works with you, or a group of board and staff members of your choosing, to determine your strategy and map out the operational road ahead. We thrive at creating programs that tap into what makes you great. In the end, you will have a thoughtful, comprehensive, and multi-year program, ready to implement in phases. AND you will be able to track your own progress against our assessment tool: from low functionality towards a path of excellence.

Rise Up!

Now for the hard part. Part of our strategy is to identify immediate and future priority needs. Where we encourage you to dream big during the Build Out, we now ask you to take the first necessary steps to reach those dreams. With our skills, experience, and broad network of experts, we can help you make real-time improvements, increase team buy-in, and deepen relationships. Stick with the plan and watch your dollars increase and your anxiety decrease.

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