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Company Overview

Whether your organization is on the cusp of expanding and needs a bigger revenue engine to get you there OR you continue to struggle with familiar, chronic issues in pursuit of a sustained, stable funding program, our team can help.


fundRISING is a new initiative to help nonprofits position themselves for dramatic growth or overcome chronic challenges that impede their potential. Our seasoned nonprofit professionals have a combined 40 years of experience that marries fundraising leadership with a distinct capacity-building approach. Our model is comprehensive, addressing the integrated nature of a successful funding program in today’s environment. We not only create a plan that works for your organization, we provide important operational support and direction. And that's what sets us apart. fundRISING helps you build a culture where fundraising is not only understood - but embraced - to help you fulfill your mission.  

fundRISING's core model is designed so you can make manageable improvements while striving to build a top-notch development department. Our method is applied both comprehensively and to address specific fundraising challenges.


Our team will figure out what is working and what needs work. Then we will provide the instructional manual to fix what is broken. Finally, we will help launch the new program by taking on the most pressing issues first.

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