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Quizaira Recio


“If there is no struggle, there is no progress” – Fredrick Douglass


Quizaira joined fundRISING in the summer of 2019 to provide technical and programmatic strategy to nonprofits, and also oversees internal technology and operations. Quizaira is building fundRISING’s collaborative model, recruiting and creating a deep network of experts for the team to turn to for specific needs. She has worked with or closely with both Abbie and Brett at several former organizations.


Quizaira has over a decade of experience working with small and mid-sized nonprofits and has a keen understanding of the challenges they face. She specializes in cross-functional collaboration, business process improvement, IT budgeting and grant planning, and data management. Prior to joining the fundRISING team, Quizaira held roles as Program Manager at 501cTECH/Tech Impact and Training & Logistics Manager at Byte Back.


Quizaira believes that progress on the backs of the most marginalized is not progress at all, and that long-term progress and impact means collaboration. Collaboration means connection – and in that connection, people find out who they really are.


Quizaira holds a B.A. in Multicultural Humanities from the University of Central Florida, where she was both a Bright Futures and a Latino Scholar. Quizaira lives in Silver Spring, MD with her husband.

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