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Raise your organization to the next level.

Your tailored fundraising plan starts here.

Break down.

Before we can reorder, we have to address the disorder. We’ll take a comprehensive look at what is being done – and by whom – to bring in the dollars.

Build out.

Dream big and we’ll create a program that endures – and grows as you grow.

Rise up!

Make real-world improvements, increase team buy-in, and form deepen relationships. Stick with the plan, and watch your dollars increase and your anxiety decrease.

About Us

fundRISING is a new initiative to help nonprofits position themselves for dramatic growth or overcome chronic challenges that impede their potential. Our seasoned nonprofit professionals have a combined 40 years of experience that marries fundraising leadership with a distinct capacity-building approach. Our model is comprehensive, addressing the integrated nature of a successful funding program in today’s environment. We not only create a plan that works for your organization, we provide important operational support and direction. And that's what sets us apart. FundRISING helps you build a culture where fundraising is not only understood - but embraced - to help you fulfill your mission.  


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